The Corporation

JCC Interiors, Inc. Established 1996


4980 SW 52nd Street 
Suite 115 
Davie, Florida 33314

Contact Detail

Tel:  (954)7911138
Fax: (954) 791-1139


Contact us by phone at 954-791-1138, e-mail at, or web form, Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. Visit our Contact page  for more information.

We are a fully accredited and licensed wallcovering business, with various contractors’ licenses all over the state of Florida. We are insured above and beyond industry standards to ensure client confidence. A complete list of credentials is available upon request.

We offer two options for consulting and creating a custom estimate for you:

  1. Site Visit: Once you contact us, we can schedule a visit to take on-site measurements for your project. We then prepare an estimate, which will be e-mailed to you as a PDF.
  2. Remote Consultation: If you require remote consultation, we will ask you to send us drawings of your project site that we can work with. We will use our state-of-the-art software to plan and measure, and email you a quote in PDF form.

Not in town? Not a problem! JCC – The Wallpaper Guys offers on-site management for remote clients.

With a growing number of homeowners buying real estate in Florida, we recognize the need to support out-of-town commercial and residential clients. By offering on-site management and online support, we ensure that you receive the same high-quality services we guarantee to all of our clients.

For more information on our management services, contact Felipe Carrasco  at or (754) 224-7751.

Here at JCC – The Wallpaper Guys, we believe that “going green” is the right thing to do. We show our commitment to the health and future of our planet by:

  • offering a selection of “green” micro-vented wallcoverings;
  • carrying a variety of low-VOC paints and Italian plasters with zero VOCs;
  • recycling paint cans with local municipalities; and,
  • reducing paper waste by focusing on technology and e-mail solutions.

At JCC – The Wallpaper Guys, we keep you informed every step of the way. After you schedule your painting project with us, we will set up a call to:

  • confirm paint color and details;
  • ask you to remove shelves, wall hangings, and any valuable/fragile items around the area;
  • recommend finding a place for your pets while painting is in progress; and,
  • answer any questions you have about your project

On the day of, our crew of master painters will begin by doing a walk-through to assess and prepare for the painting process, which may include:

  • covering floors;
  • moving and/or covering furniture;
  • removing wallpaper;
  • applying window caulking;
  • filling holes or cracks in walls;
  • repairing drywall and finish; and/or,
  • applying primer as needed

While some companies fail to address the paint over-spray and particulates they produce on site, we at JCC – The Wallpaper Guys take air quality seriously. This is especially important when working in public areas such as corridors and lobbies. As such, we provide an on-site HEPA Negative Air Machine, or “Air Scrubber,” as needed.

Our Air Purification System:

We use the H2000HP, a multi-use air filtration machine. Equipped with a pre-filter and HEPA filter to separate out many airborne contaminants produced on site, the H2000HP can handle any large-scale job. The specialized carbon pre-filter captures low concentrations of odors, vapors, gases, and volatile organic compounds, collectively known as OVG.

We take safety and air quality very seriously. You are in good hands with JCC – The Wallpaper Guys.